Healthy Meals


At Little Rainbows, all of the food is prepared freshly on the premises on a daily basis by our own staff. All our fresh fruit, seasonal vegetables and meat are delivered under controlled environments by registered suppliers . The kitchen operates under the H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system which is a systematic examination of steps involved in the production of food on the premises and ensures the highest standard of food safety.

We have a four-week menu plan which gives the children a varied, well-balanced diet and introduces them to different tastes from around the World. The children’s independence is encouraged by helping to set the table, serve themselves, and clean up, as well as learning about social and dining etiquette.

There is a menu board in the hallway as you enter the creche which reflects the food on offer for the day.

In conjunction with the Irish Heart Foundation, Little Rainbows is currently reviewing all meals with a view to participating in the School's Healthy Eating Programme

Irish Heart Foundation

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